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Salzsee in der Salzwelt Hallstatt © Salzwelt Hallstatt

The fascinating salt (worlds)

The white gold gives the Salzkammergut its name and has historically established the wealth of the region.


Salt mining was the decisive source of income in the region - initially laboriously mined by miners and later also because of the spa stays, which are also renowned for the brine and sulfur therapies.

In addition to a relaxing thermal bath, a visit to the region's salt mines is also an unforgettable experience.


Image: Salt Lake, Hallstatt Salt Mine | © Salzwelten


Salt has been mined in Hallstatt for 7,000 years. The oldest salt mine in the world, only a 25-minute drive away, offers a diverse and varied program - from a ride on the mine train, a guided tour past the underground salt lake to the longest underground miner's slide in Europe. The “Skywalk” vantage point and the funicular provide a barrier-free view of the unbelievable panorama of the World Heritage region. The visit can be perfectly combined with a trip to the picturesque Hallstatt - arriving by train and boat is a dream - so you can enjoy the view and escape the troubles of everyday life.


Image: Skywalk at Salzwelten Halltatt| ©  Salzwelten

Hallstatt Skywalk
Salzbergwerk Hallstatt
Salzbergwerk Altaussee, Salzwelt Altaussee


The largest active salt mine in Austria - the Altaussee Salt Mine - is only a 35-minute drive away. Visitors explore the tunnels by foot to discover the Barbara Chapel deep in the mountain and the salt lake, a popular event location. In summer, special tours for young guests are offered.


Image: View into a tunnel | © Salzwelten

Salzbergwerk Altaussee

Follow the salt

The brine pipeline, built in 1607 from Hallstatt to Ebensee, is still a wonderful opportunity to explore the nature of the Salzkammergut along the brine path. The Via Salis also offers several circular routes to get to know historical buildings and old tunnels.


Image: Bad Ischl | © Brigitte Leithner

Luftbild Bad Ischl © Brigitte Leithner
Dem Salz folgen
Galerie Salzwelten
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