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Kaiservilla Bad Ischl, Sissi und Franz Joseph

In the emperor's footsteps

The spa town of Bad Ischl achieved fame as the summer residence of Emperor Franz Joseph and his wife Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary. The imperial imperial villa with a 20 hectare garden and the Marmorschlössl testify to the love of the imperial couple for the Salzkammergut and each other, the emperor also asked for Sisi's hand in 1853 while staying here.


But the connection between the Habsburgs and the region goes back much further: as early as 1300, the salt-winning "Kammergut" was a monopoly of the crown and the salt industry was a relevant branch of the economy. The healing powers of the Ischl salt springs were known early on, and so more and more prominent patients came to the region when the first bathing establishment opened in 1823.


Image: Imperial Villa in Bad Ischl | © Pixabay

The three

Salt Princes

Archduke Franz Karl and his wife Sophie also visited Ischl regularly. After several miscarriages, her doctor (Dr. Wirer) prescribed a curative stay in Bad Ischl. After that, Sophie gave birth to three sons who were affectionately known as "the Salt Princes" - among them the future Emperor Franz Josef I. The cure tradition lives on to this day and offers pure relaxation all year round.


Image: statue of Emperor Fraz Joseph Lauffen | ©

Kaiser Franz Joseph Jagdstandbild in Bad Ischl
Cafe Zauner in Bad Ischl



Delicacies at the court confectioner and monuments as well as attractions such as the Emperor's birthday in August invite you to go on a little journey through time, then as now:

At the KuK Grand-Café Zauner, it's not just the famous Zaunerstollen that makes hearts beat faster: Since 1832, traditional Austrian coffee culture has been enjoyed here at the highest level, and you can find  around 250 cake specialties and 60 different types of praline here today.


Image: KuK Grand-Cafe Zauner in Bad Ischl | ©

Imperiale Köstlichkeiten

August 18th - Emperor's birthday

You shouldn't miss August 18th either: on the birthday of Emperor Franz Joseph, the city is still rolling out the red carpet today - for its guests! There are numerous events annually around the date.

Fortunately, the journey from Vienna is more pleasant today than it was back then: you can reach the health resort in just 3.5 hours and enjoy the wonderful panorama of the Traunsee upon arrival. At the beginning of the 19th century you were en route for several days - by carriage or on horseback to the Traunsee, then by ship to Ebensee and, last but not least, once again on country roads to the imperial city.


Image: The Kaiserzug reaches Bad Ischl | ©

Kaisergeburtstag in Bad Ischl
Kaisergeburtstag feiern
Galerie Kaisers Spuren
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